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Taj Mahal Renovation
Taj Mahal Renovation - Taj Mahal India

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Taj Mahal Renovation - Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal is one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage and it attracts 3.5 million visitors each year. But even one of the 7 wonders of the world needs some help sometimes.

Taj Mahal is located in the busy industrial city of Agra. It is turning yellow from pearly white because of natural aging, nearby industrial activities and traffic. Pollution and the burning of fuel and garbage consistently remain dust deposition and dirt around the famous mausoleum. Promptly it needs a deep-cleaning.

The Taj Mahal looks out over the most polluted waterway which is called Yamuna River in India. Cleaning the river and preventing its use as a sewage canal should become a priority as a part of preservation. Also water makes contact with the monument and evaporates through it. To prevent rain damage and moss growth special silicone based agents have been applied to the facade but It is also must be provided better insulation and water proofing for roofs and better drainage.

Researchers from Indian Institutions and American Universities left small pieces of clean marble on the Taj Mahal for 2 months to study the particles that landed on their surfaces. They realized that the particles come from many different sources such as diesel trucks, cow dung, burning garbage etc. In India when it is cold people burn almost anything to keep warm.
Preservations must be arranged better to keep the Taj Mahal safe but people need more money to protect it. Vehicles have been banned within a half –mile radius but still industry is growing, population is increasing and pollution is getting worse. Authorities arranged mud pack treatments 4 times to remove the discoloration, they covered Taj Mahal’s surface with clay, like women do for their faces and bodies, and then they took it off. Thereafter the surface was cleaned with salt free water but experts warned about side effects. ASI (The Archaeological Survey of India) is also trying to reduce the effect of pollution on marble surface. Local authorities are taking the necessary steps to reduce pollution around the Taj Mahal.

Experts have also said that “it could be in danger of collapsing because of its wooden foundations are rotting, they are brittle and disintegrating.”

Taj Mahal Renovation - Taj Mahal



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