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Cricket & Field Hockey
Cricket & Field Hockey - Taj Mahal India
Cricket is an outdoor game played with a ball and bat by two teams of 11 players; teams take turns trying to score runs leaping insect; male makes chirping noises by rubbing the forewings together play cricket. It is popular in England as well as many commonwealth countries.

Field hockey is an outdoor game played on a grass field between two teams of 11 players who use long curved sticks to hit a small ball and try to score goals. The object is to use the sticks to direct a ball into the opponent's goal. Field hockey originated in English schools in the late 19th century, and the British Army introduced it into India and the Far East. By 1928 it had become India's national game. In India, men's field hockey has been included in the Olympic Games since 1908, women's since 1980.

The national game of India is field hockey but cricket is the god of all the sports played in India. Because of the fame and the name, Indians are giving so much importance to cricket. Indian media stalwartly supports cricket and encourage this game. Cricket news occupies one whole page and sometimes two in daily newspapers. Many companies such as Coco Cola, Pepsi, Gillette and others become sponsors for cricket in India. A popular saying in India is: "Cricket is a religion and cricketers are God". Nowadays people prefer to see any India Cricket match even when they are doing their job. Cricket refreshes their minds. The excitement in this game will last till the last ball gets bowled. This thrill makes people sit for many hours together to see cricket matches.

India’s national game is hockey and it is not given more importance as cricket. Cricketers are awarded cash prizes and the hockey players are not. If you compare cricket with Hockey people play cricket more than Hockey. But previously, India was the top country who knew playing hockey well with different tricks many years ago. In the beginning the hockey match was usually played in the clay court (ground) and at that time India won the World cup in hockey many times. But later on the clay court was replaced by grass court. Since the players were trained in the clay courts mostly, they were not used to playing in the grass court. So they started to lose all matches in the grass ground.
Cricket & Field Hockey - Taj Mahal India
Cricket & Field Hockey - Taj Mahal India
There are no sponsors for hockey, players are not that much supported, and no one is serious about promoting it, but cricket has all the glamour and money. So there is a big discussion in India about ‘Should cricket be made the national game of India, taking the status away from hockey?’ There is no doubt in Indian cricket team’s current success in the field but hockey is their national game for now because it is very well known that initially cricket found its origin in South East England during the 16th century, and further moved to all around the world by the British Colonies. As India also was one of the British colonies, cricket found its roots over here through the British Officers who brought it along to India as a favorite pastime.

The first hockey club in India came up in Calcutta in 1885 and soon Bombay and Punjab followed suit. Indian hockey team cruised home to its first Olympic gold, without conceding a single goal in 1928. Between 1928 and 1956, the Indian hockey juggernaut won six straight Olympic gold medals, while winning 24 consecutive matches and this was the golden era of Indian hockey but the Indian stranglehold over the Olympic hockey gold came to an end, when Pakistan defeated India in the final of the 1960 Rome Olympics. If we talk about some of the legendary and outstanding players of Indian hockey, Dhyan Chand, K.D. Singh, Dhanraj Pillay and Dilip Tirkey are just some names that come to mind instantly.

Cricket & Field Hockey - Taj Mahal



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