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The Mausoleum The Mausoleum
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How to go to India, India Guide
The most practicable way of getting to India is by plane. India has 2 major international airports; Mumbai (Bombay) and Delhi but also many international flights are arriving in Chennai, Bengaluru and Calcutta. In India from November to March the weather is perfect and fares are very high because Indian emigrants travel home for holidays with their families. You can get the best prices during the low season; June and July. If India is only one stop for you, you may buy a round the world (RTW) ticket. It is valid for one year and cost £1000-2500.

It takes around 8 to 11 hours to fly from UK to India and costs around £400, from Australia to India costs around A$1000, from New Zealand to India costs around NZ$2000, from Canada to India flight via connecting city in US, Europe or Asia takes 20 hours and costs around CDN$1600-1800, from USA (New York) to India costs at least $1000.
Lots of operators have package holidays to India that you can book if you donít want to spend your time with making your own travel plan and bookings.
Standard tourist visa which is valid for 6 months is suffice but if youíre going to India on business or to study you need to get special student or business visa. It is not possible to extend a visa.

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