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Facts about India

India’s flag has 3 horizontal colors; from top to down saffron orange, white and dark green and all these colors have different meanings such as; saffron orange means courage and sacrifice, white means peace, unity and truth, green means faith and fertility. In the centre of the white color band there is a blue wheel symbolizing sky and ocean as a color and continuing progress of the nation and the importance of justice in life as a shape.

India has a special national emblem which symbolizes power, courage and confidence. The emblem depicts four lions standing back to back. National bird of India is the Peacock which symbolizes pride, grace and beauty. National flower of India is The Lotus which symbolizes long life, good fortune and honor. National animal of India is the Tiger which has a big respect because of its incredible power, strength and grace. National tree of India is The Fig tree. National fruit of India is The Mango and national sport of India is The Hockey.

Clothing in India is very colorful, each state has its own special costumes but just several styles are very common throughout the whole country. But today people in cities may also wear western style clothes such as jeans, skirts, pants, light shirts etc. For women ‘Sari’ is the most famous traditional dress which is silk or cotton. Sari is wrapped to form a skirt and then draped over the shoulder and can be a solid color or patterned; some are embroidered or hand dyed. For men ‘Dhoti’ is the most famous traditional cloth which is white and worn during religious ceremonies. Dhoti is a cloth tucked into the waist to form pants and wrapped around the legs.
Spicy foods are very popular in India but also there are some simple bread and sweet deserts. Mostly people in India are vegetarian. Indians eat everything with their hands but their fingers should never touch their mouth directly and they use only their right hand while eating. Their largest meal is lunch at midday so many Indians prefer to come home to have midday meal.

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